Visit to Memory Lane

A regional Kenyan speciality on the menu at Gatundu’s includes the famous Egg & Lamb Kheema chapattis, originally the trade mark of the coastal town in Kenya, Mombasa. This mouthing watering dish is anytime the most memorable item for anybody who at one point stayed in Kenya.For those who prefer just plain chips with chillies, they have the famous Gatundu Chilli sauce. These sauce has being named after a very famous prominent person who used to make this from a road side mud kiosk selling chips fried over a handmade charcoal stove.Forget the salt, vinegar and a dollop of ketchup on the chips this, try some fresh potato chips with a fiery edge, as enjoyed in Kenya.

   Gatundus Food cabin, Crane Street Park, Grafton Place, Leicester, LE1 3DB
   07815 572 777
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