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We are commited to serving classical street food from across Kenya. Gatundus reflects our creativity and imagination, inspired by the traditions, art and culture of Kenya.

Chef Bimal is the main Chef behind success of Gatundus, He has created and innovated many mouth-watering recipes and sauces and some recipes has been featured in ‘Curry Nation’ book of Madhur Jaffery. 

Chef's recipes featured in Currry Nation Book

Amazing flavours

Gatundus is a gourmet journey that takes you across  Kenya, giving you an unrivalled feast of street food like you have never experienced or tasted before!

Street food in Kenya is an intrinsic part of the eating out culture. Having been inspired by the unique aromas, amazing tastes and indescribable experience of food on the streets of Kenya, Gatundus brings to London the finest and most varied selection of regional Indian street food that you can’t find anywhere!

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Try our very own tempting sauces!

We have created our own mouth watering  sauces  inspired from the flavours of East Africa. These sauces will bring you the unparalleled taste of Kenya.  

Gatundu’s sauces reflects our creativity and imagination.


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